The Green Showroom 9th November - 5th February 2021

From November 9th 2020 until February 5th 2021, Twenthe Plant organizes, in its nearly 1 hectare ventilated greenhouse, "The Green Showroom". During The Green Showroom more than 7.000 sample plants will be presented in a spacious, clear way, per product group and in alphabetical order. In this way you can conveniently make your order, which will be reserved until spring 2021 starts with you. When you visit The Green Showroom, you can make optimal use of all offers, novelties and attractive product presentations.

In our outdoor area we will present a gigantic collection of solitary plants. This includes: shaped trees from our own nursery, exclusive imported Japanese garden bonsais and other characteristic (shape) trees. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make a choice on the spot and to select your solitaires yourself for delivery in the spring of 2021.
In the long period (9-11-2020 to 5-2-2021), you can plan a moment of your choice for a visit. In connection with the Covid-Proof protocol, we apply a notification & registration obligation. This can easily be done by sending your registration to: or via the online registration form on our website. When registering, we ask you to take into account that you will come to Twenthe Plant with as few extra people as possible.
We are looking forward seeing you!
Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 - 17:00 hours.

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In order to serve customers even better, Twenthe Plant has worked hard in recent months on a new online environment. We are proud of the result and would like to share this with you.

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Jack Frost collection

The Jack Frost collection is an extraordinary new line of small to medium-sized Acers (Garden Maples). Over more than 20 years these new varieties have been hybridized from Acer pseudosieboldianum, which contributed hardiness, combined with the beautiful leaf colors and shapes from Acer palmatum.

All varieties in the Jack Frost Collection were selected for tolerance to shifts in weather conditions and cold resistance. Hardiness of this collection is up to USDA-zone 4.

The Jack Frost Collection is comprised of:

  • Acer x pseudosieboldianum Arctic Jade
  • Acer x pseudosieboldianum Ice Dragon
  • Acer x pseudosieboldianum North Wind

BrazelBerry® collection

The BrazelBerry® collection is a unique sensation from America. The BrazelBerry® collection is unparalleled: it is the perfect mix of an ornamental plant and a plant with added value! The plants have more ornamental value than many other evergreen plants.

BrazelBerry® has even more advantages. The plants grow as compact as boxwood, bloom in the spring and vary beautifully from leaf color depending on the species from pink to apricot. And to top it all, the plants bear very many, extremely healthy and delicious fruits! The plants can stand in a pot on the terrace or balcony without any problems. They are the perfect eye-catchers!


'Saskatoon Berry'®

We are the proud grower and supplier of the introduced Amelanchier alnifolia 'Saskatoon Berry'!

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