Rhododendron 'Grazeasy'

Rhododendron 'Grazeasy'

Grazeasy - Gracile & Easy

Grazeasy conjures up a dense profusion of flowers in almost any garden. The easy-to-care-for Rhododendron is not only delightful with its beautiful purple-pink flowers. Its dark, evergreen foliage looks very graceful due to the narrow growth shape of the leaves and gives the plant an elegant look. However, one should not be fooled by this appearance: Grazeasy is a real power plant that also flowers luxuriantly in places where classic Rhododendrons do not want to grow. As a hedge plant, in a tub or as an expressive solitary in the garden: Grazeasy cuts a good figure anywhere.

What is the Grazeasy?

Grazeasy is a Rhododendron hybrid that grows in almost any humus-rich garden soil. From mid-May to early June, it displays an exuberant profusion of funnel-shaped flowers. The foliage is dark green and the leaves are exceptionally narrowly cut. They form a filigree background on which the flowers stand out beautifully. The graceful foliage also provides colour and privacy in the cold season, as Grazeasy is evergreen and hardy to -20 °C. 

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