Twenthe Plant Official Dealer BetterBuxus®

We are proud to announce that we are the official dealer of BetterBuxus®! BetterBuxus® are new Buxus varieties that are resistant to the fungal disease Calonectria pseudonaviculata (old name: Cylindrocladium).

BetterBuxus® ensures that buxus can be planted in the garden again without having to spray much against fungi. BetterBuxus® is also more resistant to the Buxus moth, but it must be kept under control.

BetterBuxus® Renaissance

This low-growing boxwood has a beautiful, glossy, small leaf and is extremely suitable for low hedges. ‘Renaissance’ has small leaves and stays dark green all year round. Due to its rather slow growth, it needs less pruning and can be pruned one time per year.

BetterBuxus® Babylon Beauty

This Buxus has rather light green, small leaves and is also very suitable for layering applications. Babylon Beauty’ has a low spreading growth if not pruned. This also makes it suitable as ground cover for e.g. Public Green.

This plant is also suitable for poorer soils because of its very strong roots.

BetterBuxus® Heritage

This hybrid is very similar to the well-known Buxus sempervirens, but grows somewhat more compactly. It has medium to dark green, glossy leaves and requires high fertilisation. On poor sandy soils and with low fertilisation this plant can discolour in autumn and winter, but will turn green again in spring when temperatures rise. Heritage’ is suitable for universal use as a hedge or as a topiary.

BetterBuxus® Skylight

This selection is the fastest growing of the 4 hybrids and has beautiful medium green, glossy leaves. Due to its good growth, it is extremely suitable for balls, volume applications such as clouds and somewhat higher hedges. This plant also has very strong roots.

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