About us

About us

Your total supplier of garden plants for 35 years

With a complete range of garden plants, Twenthe Plant is one of Europe's largest suppliers of garden plants. A large part of this assortment is produced at our own nursery, where we grow more than 3.500 different products.

Partner of green specialists
We have been a regular partner for many green specialists - garden centres, gardeners, landscapers, importers, nurseries and public authorities - for years. They appreciate our high-quality policy, our competitive prices and our ordering and logistics services.

Want to become a customer too?
At Twenthe Plant, you can choose from 2 different purchasing concepts: the full-service wholesale concept and/or the self-service Cash & Carry concept. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us and together we will discuss which purchasing concept and which products would be most suitable for you.

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180 hectares own nursery

180 hectares of open ground, 6 hectares of greenhouses and 15 hectares of container field/pot-in-pot. These are just a few figures of our own tree nursery: Boomkamp Nurseries. In total, we grow more than 3.500 different products here, including a complete line of pot-grown Buxus forms, a wide variety of solitary hedge and ornamental shrubs, solitary (hedge) conifers and breeds (on stem).

Company unique product lines
We also grow company-unique product lines of Jack Frost Acers®, Saskatoon Berry®, Better Buxus® and The Redwood Collection®, among others. These high-quality plants are extremely suitable for export and form an important basis for Twenthe Plant's complete assortment.

Exclusive garden bonsais and topiary trees
Boomkamp Nurseries is one of the largest European producers of exclusive garden bonsais (Niwaki) and topiary trees (GreenArt® & Colorfull Shapes®). Our extensive and partly self-produced stock of bonsais and solitary trees is truly our trademark. Come and see for yourself!

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Trading in the most complete range of garden plants

Twenthe Plant trades year-round quality plants from more than 400 top nurseries. Our supply consists of more than 70.000 unique parties. Fixed contact persons ensure that this supply is matched as closely as possible to your and other customers' demands. And thanks to our many years of experience, you also benefit from high quality, flexibility, constant quality control, efficient packaging and a price consistent with the market.

Discover it for yourself at The Green Showroom
3 months a year, Twenthe Plant organises Europe's largest Green Showroom. In our ventilated sales greenhouse covering no less than 1 hectare, more than 7.000 sample parties per product group and in alphabetical order are available to you during these months.

A unique collection of solitaires
Forms from our own nursery, exclusive imported Japanese garden bonsais (Niwaki) and other characteristic conifers, shrubs and trees: you will find a unique collection of more than 5.000 solitary trees on our outdoor premises. Because seeing is buying, you can make your choice immediately during your visit. Via our handy TP-Orderapp, you can simply and quickly enter your spring order. That order will then be ready for you to collect at a time of your choosing. Of course, we can also deliver your order to your company.

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80.000 m2 Cash & Carry Unique in Europe

At our 80.000 m2 Cash & Carry - including a covered sales greenhouse of no less than 1 hectare - all plants are clearly arranged by product group. To ensure that you can move comfortably on our Cash & Carry, there is a golf cart for each buying customer's own use. This allows you to select the products of your choice at your leisure. You can then take your order straight away, collect it at a convenient time or have it delivered by us.

Cash & Carry Days
Every year at the start of the autumn season, Twenthe Plant organises the Cash & Carry Days. With autumn in sight, these days we surprise you with a complete, fresh and new assortment of garden plants - a must see for every garden specialist! While you visit us, don't miss our extensive collection of garden bonsais. We import these bonsais directly from Japan.

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This is why Twenthe Plant
Product range
The complete range

With our wholesale and cash & carry concept, we offer the complete range that meets all criteria.

Own logistics organisation

Our reliable carriers carefully deliver orders to location. Your convenience comes first.

Own nursery

A large part of our range is grown at our 180-hectare nursery, which is spread over three locations in the Netherlands.


With every order, quality always comes first: plant quality, packaging quality, but also delivery reliability.

35 years of experience

Twenthe Plant was founded in 1987. Since then, we have grown into one of the largest and most reliable total suppliers of garden plants in Europe.

Bonsais & Solitary trees

Our extensive and partly self-produced stock of bonsais and solitary plants is our trade mark. Come and see for yourself!

Perfect service

We take the entire order process off your hands - from enquiry to delivery. You too can benefit from our service options.


Our one-stop shop for garden plants is conveniently located for supplies to northern, central, eastern and southern Europe (and neighbouring countries).


Our well-motivated staff are knowledgeable, experienced and always happy to help you.