The Green Showroom November 7th 2022 until February 10th 2023

01 august 2022 -

7.000 sample parties and a unique collection of solitaires!

We hereby invite you from November 7th 2022 until February 10th 2023 to visit the largest Green Showroom in Europe! Where more than 7.000 sample plants in the nearly 1 hectare (ventilated) greenhouse are presented for you. During your visit, you can take full advantage of all offers and novelties and also enjoy the atmospheric product presentations.

Via our orderapp, you can scan the QR-Code with your mobile phone to place your order quick and easy. We will then reserve your order until your spring 2023 starts.

A unique collection of solitaires & bonsais to mark yourself!

In the outdoor area we will present a gigantic collection of solitary plants. This includes: forms from our own nursery, exclusive imported Japanese garden bonsai and other characteristic (form) trees. An excellent opportunity for you to make a choice on the spot and to select your solitaires yourself for delivery together with your Green Showroom order.

You are welcome!

We appreciate it if you register before your visit. This can be done easily via the online registration form or by sending your registration to

We are looking forward to your visit, snacks and drinks are waiting for you!

Open Monday until Friday from 7:30 – 17:00 hours.