Not in the mood for gloomy times? - Well, then reach for the HAPPYdendron®! This fierce Rhododendron is very easy to care for, hardy and robust. You don't have to pamper it every day.

If you forget once: no problem! This cool friend grants you lots of time for yourself and the things you enjoy. And whatever lifts the mood: it grows in almost any garden soil, as well as in a pot on your balcony or in a container on your terrace. In any case, HAPPYdendron® simply makes a big impression with its tricoloured flowers.

So: Have a HAPPY time with HAPPYdendron®!

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What is the HAPPYdendron®?

The HAPPYdendron® really does have a favour factor. Why? First of all because of its sensational colour! White flower, bright pink edge, yellow spot in the middle. Incredibly intense colours, a single sea of flowers. But the most striking thing: The HAPPYdendron® grows in almost any loose garden soil, even in containers on your balcony or terrace. Very easy to care for, it even withstands pruning measures from beginners and thrives in difficult spots. It blooms even if you are not very well versed yet.

If you want to garden and chill out at the same time, remove the wilted flowers after the sensational flowering. By doing so, you encourage the HAPPYdendron® to branch out further. And it becomes even more vigorous because it does not need to form seeds from the flowers. Pinching out the flowers is undeniably one of the most relaxing ''activities'' in the garden, on the balcony and on the terrace. Treat yourself to it!

What makes the HAPPYdendron® unique?

Heard of it already? Rhododendron care seems to be quite an art: Grandma's alpine rose needs special acidic soil, the right place and also extra care so that it grows and blooms beautifully for years. Forget it! That's nothing for people like you, who have something else to do - or who want to be a bit more loose with it. For them, there is the HAPPYdendron® which is much more uncomplicated and also looks fantastic with its tri-coloured flower. This is because, unlike normal rhododendrons, it has been bred on a substrate that tolerates calcareous soil well. That means: Even with non-acidic soil and normal pH, the HAPPYdendron® with its spectacular three-coloured flowers can cope perfectly. It just needs loose, humus-rich garden soil, even in pots. Then it will make you HAPPY with its vigorous growth and long flowering period in May and June.
Don't worry – be HAPPY!

Garden relaxed and enjoy your time - with the HAPPYdendron® the motto is "easy gardening".

For watering the HAPPYdendron® you don't need anything special, normal rainwater is sufficient. You don't have to worry about fertilising either. And when pruning, just see how big your HAPPYdendron® can grow and what you like. The HAPPYdendron® is, so to speak, the "best friend" among Rhododendrons: If you keep an eye on those few needs it has, it is invincible, reliable and blooms and flourishes. And because it is hardy, you can leave your HAPPYdendron® outside even when it is cold, and its succulent leaves are a green eye-catcher even then. HAPPYdendron® will always make you HAPPY!