Simple, refreshing and uncomplicated, the Easydendron® lives up to its name!

The Easydendron® is a special hybrid rhododendron with exceptional properties. It is a special variety of rhododendron with an attractive appearance and a host of benefits for plant lovers.

The Easydendron® has the striking and sometimes almost lavish flowers of a rhododendron, but is at the same time a lot more low-maintenance and less demanding in terms of location and care.

What makes the Easydendron® unique?

Normal Rhododendrons, also known as alpine roses, sometimes give gardeners a big headache; they need very special substrates and locations to reach their full potential. In addition, they need to be maintained in a very specific way to produce beautiful flowers for several years. The Easydendron®, a hybrid Rhododendron, is less complicated in this respect. Unlike a normal Rhododendron, the Easydendron® is bred on a lime-tolerant rootstock. This means that it does not need a lime-free soil to come into its own in your home. A normal pH value (4.5 to 6.5) is also fine for the Easydendron®.

In addition, you spend much less time and work on care:
Not only does the Easydendron® grow just as well in airy soils, it can also cope with very ordinary rainwater. Fertilising is easy and pruning is also no problem. If you keep an eye on the limited care requirements of the Easydendron®, you can look forward to a hardy plant that will regularly spoil you with impressive flowers in beautiful colours.

With its large and colourful flowers, the Easydendron® not only looks beautiful; it also helps maintain the natural ecosystem. The evergreen plant provides structure in all four seasons. It provides many animals with shelter in winter and a place to build a nest in spring and summer. The Easydendron is available in all colours; see the range online.

The Easydendron® feels at home anywhere!

This lime-tolerant, hardy rhododendron has the good qualities of a rhododendron. It is easy to maintain and has a healthy and robust growth pattern in almost any airy garden soil, even if it has a high pH (4.5 to 6.5). With its lush florals, brilliant colours and generous foliage, it is a real eye-catcher. As an individual plant in the garden, in a pot on the terrace or as an evergreen hedge.

Buy the Easydendron®: enjoy all the benefits!

Choosing an Easydendron® means that you want to enjoy the modern advantages of a hybrid rhododendron. When you order an Easydendron®, you have a wide range of possibilities to accommodate it in your garden according to your wishes. Not only does the Easydendron® grow excellently in a pot, it can also be planted free-standing in the ground. Are you looking for an evergreen and non-translucent hedge? The Easydendron® spoils you with a robust growth pattern and, with its striking flowers, provides an additional eye-catcher in your hedge.

Another advantage:
You can plant the Easydendron® as a pot plant almost all year round. This just goes to show once again that the plant is very flexible and not fussy. Whether you are a garden professional or not, with an Easydendron® you are always in the right place. A beautiful, unique plant for your own unique garden.

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