Rubus id. 'Raspbeary'®

Rubus id. 'Raspbeary'®

New introduction Rubus!

Rubus id. 'Raspbeary' is also known as the Raspberry tree or Der Himbeerenbaum! 
Raspberry bushes are well known, but a raspberry as a tree? The 'Raspbeary'® raspberry tree is a fruity innovation from Japan in the world of soft fruits. The small trunk with a stem height of about 40 to 50 centimetres is perfect as a snack fruit, whether in the border or in a tub on the patio or balcony. This raspberry bush does not die back in winter and grows about 3 metres tall, making the fruit easy to pick and avoiding the need to bend down.

From May to July, the 'Raspbeary'® produces its small, white and simple flowers, which stand together in panicles and shine brightly in the sun. During this time, you can observe numerous insects on the bushes, which find a rich supply of food here.

The raspberry stem makes picking the delicious raspberries very easy. The fruits have a fruity-sweet aroma and can be harvested from July to September. New berries are constantly produced during this period, so the tasty fruits accompany you all summer long. Last but not least, this raspberry stem looks simply enchanting and is thus a useful garden plant and ornamental shrub in one. 

Available from spring 2023, delivered in special pot with a special label!

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