Garden bonsais & topiary plants

Garden bonsais & topiary plants

A unique collection, directly available from stock

Growing a bonsai is craftsmanship. It requires a combination of expertise and passion. With our own nursery, Boomkamp Nurseries, we know all about that. In fact, our nursery is one of the largest and leading companies in Europe when it comes to growing garden bonsais and topiary plants.

Own nursery
The nursery has a total area of 180 hectares. We use around 35 hectares to grow a wide variety of garden bonsais and topiary plants for our customers. Each of these are unique eye-catchers for the garden.

Japanese garden bonsais
You can also come to us for Niwaki: garden bonsais that we import from Japan. Our range consists mainly of Pinus parviflora 'Glauca' (Pinus pentaphylla), Taxus cuspidata 'Nana' and Ilex crenata 'Kin Me'.

Directly available from stock
By combining our own products with imported garden bonsais, Twenthe Plant offers a unique collection. Our garden bonsais and topiary plants are available directly from stock. Visit us at our location in Hengelo to select your unique specimens!

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