The one-stop shop for all your garden plants

The one-stop shop for all your garden plants

The Green Showroom, the perfect ordering moment for spring

From the beginning of November 2024 to the beginning of February 2025, Twenthe Plant is organising 'The Green Showroom'. In our greenhouse covering no less than 1 hectare, more than 7.000 sample plants are presented per product group and in alphabetical order.

Your order
The clear layout of The Green Showroom makes it easy for you to quickly select your spring order. Your order will then be reserved for you until spring 2025. You can then collect it at any time you wish or have it delivered by us.

Special offers and more
During your visit to The Green Showroom, you will benefit from offers, discover the latest trends and view atmospheric product presentations. Snacks and drinks will be waiting for you.

Opening hours
Our showroom will be open every working day from the beginning of November 2025. You are welcome between 7.30 am and 5.00 pm. Are you planning a visit? Please inform us upfront!

5.000 solitaires in one location

During The Green Showroom, we will present a unique collection of more than 5.000 solitary plants on our outdoor terrain. Forms from our own nursery, shrubs, trees or exclusive, imported Japanese garden bonsais (Niwaki): you make your choice on the spot.

How does it work? You tie up your unique specimen yourself and enter your order via the handy TP-Orderapp. You can then pick up your order at a convenient time or have it delivered by us.

Easy and quick app ordering

Especially for your convenience, Twenthe Plant has developed the TP-Orderapp. If you scan the QR code of a product with your smartphone or tablet, it will be directly included in your order in the app.

Note: make sure the battery of your smartphone or tablet is sufficiently charged before your visit The Green Showroom.