The BrazelBerry® collection is a unique sensation from America. The BrazelBerry® collection is unparalleled: it is the perfect mix of an ornamental plant and a plant with added value! The plants have more ornamental value than many other evergreen plants.

BrazelBerry® has even more advantages. The plants grow as compact as boxwood, bloom in the spring and vary beautifully from leaf color depending on the species from pink to apricot. And to top it all, the plants bear very many, extremely healthy and delicious fruits! The plants can stand in a pot on the terrace or balcony without any problems. They are the perfect eye-catchers!

The BrazelBerry® collection consists of:

Rubus BrazelBerry® 'Baby Cakes'®

Rubus BrazelBerry® 'Ras. Shortcake'®

Vaccinium BrazelBerry®Peach Sorbet®

Vaccinium BrazelBerry® Pink Breeze®

Vaccinium BrazelBerry® Jelly Bean®

Vaccinium BrazelBerry® 'Berry Bux'®