Cash & Carry Days 2019

From 19 to 23 August 2019, the annual C&C Days took place at Twenthe Plant.
Although this data overlapped this year with holidays in the Netherlands, Germany and other countries, the C&C-Days were very well attended.
If you have not been able to visit Twenthe Plant during the C&C-Days, you are of course most welcome throughout the late summer and autumn.
The Cash & Carry looks extremely beautiful, a large part of the complete assortment is again available from stock and you can also expect a maximum supply of visual garden plants.
If you have no possibility to come to Twenthe Plant, please isit our TP-Webshop or request for our new TP-Catalogue with current digital photo’s to view our assortment online. Of course this also gives you the opportunity to place an order directly!
We hope for a good late summer and autumn season for you!