Cash & Carry Days 19 until 23 August 2019

We would like to invite you to visit the largest Cash & Carry for garden plants in Europe during our Cash & Carry Days from Monday 19 until Friday 23 August 2019.
During these days we offer you the opportunity to view the complete assortment garden plants from our Cash & Carry. You can decide to select and take your plants right away or pre-order your plants for later delivery.
We are happy to surprise you with many novelties, special offers, product presentations and a complete, fresh and visual assortment of garden plants.

Please click here for the invitation!

Mark the date of the Cash & Carry Days in your agenda or add the date to your outlook agenda by clicking on the agenda icon.
Visit our TP-Webshop or request for our new TP-Catalogue with current digital photo’s to view our assortment online. Of course this also gives you the opportunity to place an order directly!