The Twenthe Plant Webshop makes it possible to order plants from our real-time stock. The stock contains 200 top quality growers from not only the Netherlands but all over Europe. Most of the plants in our webshop are linked to product pictures. Ordering smaller amounts directly from our Cash & Carry Stock and loading the order on short time notice is possible. Apply for your own username & password to get started in the webshop.
If you already are a Twenthe Plant customer, you can choose the link "No account yet" where you request Twenthe Plant to send you a username and password that you can use to log-in to our webshop. When you are not an existing customer at Twenthe Plant, you first have to be registered as a new customer. For this, you need to contact the Twenthe Plant Reception. You will find the contact details below:
Telephone           +31-74-2766666
Mail                     info@twentheplant.nl

Make a request?

Do you have other wishes than what we offer as standard in our Webshop or a specific request? No problem! For this we have a team of experienced sales team who are happy to make a suitable quotation. Request quote? Click HERE to go to our Offer page. We will gladly make a suitable quotation based on your request. 

If you cannot find certain products, send your request to sales@twentheplant.nl or directly to your TP-Contactperson.